i-MBA alumni find jobs through the Outplacement Program

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4 out of 5 participants make the next step in their career

The Outplacement Program of the IMBA Alumni was one of the initiatives undertaken to help our members job hunt in these professionally turbulent times. Executed by Randstad Hellas and supported financially by Space Hellas, the Outplacement Program gave five unemployed members of the Alumni Association the opportunity to receive coaching and training on interview and CV writing skills. Furthermore, their CVs were actively communicated to Randstad's clientele.


We are pleased to announce that the first round of the Outplacement program has completed with remarkable success. All participants of the program have received calls for interviews with industry-leading companies and most of them received job offers. Out of the five alumni that were admitted in the program, three are today employed as a result of the program, one alumna has chosen to become an entrepreneur with the active aid of Randstad and one alumnus is self-employed as a freelance consultant in the banking sector.


This is undoubtedtly a success that can be attributed to the quality of the IMBA alumni and the services of Randstad. As the current Management Board of the IMBA Alumni we wish to thank the previous Presidents, Anastasis Lozos and Angelos Kastrissianakis, for setting up and running the Outplacement Program respectively. 


We are currently pursuing options to fund a next round of the Outplacement Program via external sponsoring. 


The Management Board


i-MBA Alumni Board participates in the selection of the next i-MBA students

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i-MBA Alumni Board participates in the selection of the next i-MBA students

As you probably know, each year the i-MBA Alumni board participates in the selection of the new i-MBA students. This significant initiative has been going on for the past few years.

This collaborative process stresses the close bonds between the programme and its graduates. On one hand, the fact that interviews by the Board are part of the selection process indicates a trust of the high quality and professionalism of the programme graduates. On the other hand, the fact that the Alumni board members took up this responsibility, demonstrates their dedication to the maintenance of the programme’s high quality and their sustained interest in the life-changing experience that the i-MBA is.

During the process, pairs of Alumni Board members interview candidates and answer their questions following and filling in an official form provided by the programme. The meeting with each candidate lasts 10 minutes (OK, maybe 15…sometimes we do get carried away…). After the candidate has left the room, the feedback form is filled in immediately following a short discussion between the Board members, taking into account parameters such as assertiveness, enthusiasm, previous experience as well as overall comparison amongst all candidates.

All forms are then returned to the programme and faculty for their consideration as they are the ones authorised to make the final decisions.

Current Alumni Board members also had the chance to be interviewed by graduates. As we are now i-MBA graduates ourselves, further to the “formal script” we think of candidates as our i-MBA colleagues. We try to see through their eyes, ask them appropriate questions and encourage them to speak in a more relaxed and open way allowing them to demonstrate their qualities to what hopefully comes across as their peers.

It is important to thank and congratulate previous boards  and faculty who launched  this initiative and ensure that as current members of the Alumni Board we did our best to live up to the expectations  of such an important process and make sure that it will be continued in the future.

We are proud and honoured not only because one more year we participated in the process but most importantly because we had the chance to meet and talk to the next students. Now that the interviewing process is complete we are excited to report that we had the chance to meet with many highly aspired professionals and graduates who are keen to invest in their future and their career. This once again verifies that AUEB’s i-MBA attracts the attention of fine quality candidates, living up to its name of a highest quality MBA programme.

We look forward to welcoming the new students!


Our i-MBA innovates once again, this time in eBusiness curriculum

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It's the first in Europe offering SEO, Web Analytivs, CPC, Conversion, etc full-time lessons

Our i-MBA innovates once again, this time in eBusiness curriculum

Wouldn't you sometimes wish that you took our iMBA classes once again? If not, you will probably wish it now...

MBA International will offer to all new students, starting from September 2012, access to top full-time eBusiness & on-line marketing courses, such as:

- eBusiness marketing fundamantals

- Web Analytics

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Pay per Click (PPC)

- Social Media

- eCommerce conversion

- on-line PR

Teaching to these great subject will take place through advanced eLearning systems, so that students can learn on their own pace and repeat the lectures as often as they want within a given time-frame. The teaching process also includes tests based on quick multiple choice questions and extra certificates are also awarded to students.

Industry gurus & autthors of top-selling books will be teaching these subjects, such as as Avinash Kaushnik, Digital Marketing evangelist of Google and author of 'Web Analytics 2.0', Bryan Eisenberg, author of 'Always Be Testing' & 'Call to Action", Brad Gedes, author of 'Advanced Google Adwords', and others.


I-MBA is the first MBA in Europe to offer this unparallel access and cutting edge curriculum and training for SEO, Social Media, Analytics, Adwords, On-line PR, etc.

This achievement took place by partnering with Market Motive, a US-based top training organization for eBusiness & on-line marketing courses and the Be eBusiness blog, the authorized Market Motive Reseller in the Balkans & Turkey.

Please find in the file attached the full press release and more details (plus the detailed syllabus) in the links provided.

Well done to our iMBA!



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