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  2. Name(*)
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  3. Birth Date(*)
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  4. Nationality(*)
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  5. Full Time / Part Time
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  6. Class
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  7. Your Email(*)
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  9. Preferable way of communicating with you about sailing(*)
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  10. City(*)
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  11. Street(*)
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  12. Street No.(*)
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  13. Profession / Company(*)
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  14. Marital Status
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  15. Do you have a sailing diploma?(*)
    Please indicate whether you have a sailing diploma or not.
  16. If yes, please specify sailing organisation and year of diploma
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  17. No matter whether you have or haven’t a sailing diploma, describe your sailing experience [races, cruises etc](*)
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  18. Do you have any sailing boat which could be used for the purposes of the I‐MBA Sailing Club?(*)
    Please specify whether you have a sailing boat or not.
  19. If yes, please specify a few details of the sailing boat [type/year/current condition]:
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  20. Would you like to be highly involved in the organization / management of the Club?(*)
    Please specify your level of involvement.
  21. Are you interested in attending sailing courses to take a sailing diploma?(*)
    Please specify whether you want to attend any sailing classes or not.
  22. If yes, you could participate in sailing weekend as:
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  23. Are you interested in participating in sailing races (you can do that even if you don't have a diploma)?(*)
    Please specify whether you would like to participate in sailing races or not.
  24. Are you willing to devote time for the training of the sailing crew?
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  25. Validation
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  26. Please note that the AUEB MBA International Alumni Association does not hold a copy of the above information. All information is sent directly to the Sailing Club for further processing.


Leonidas Pitsikas

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06. June, 2012 |

Well there's a good reason to go back to school. It's great to see such initiatives happening within this pessimistic period we are going...

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There you go! There's always a good reason to party, but tonight we will celebrate the efforts and the success of our Sailing Team! You...

Ioannis Trialonis

09. April, 2012 |

Congratulations!! Let's see some more success stories...