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A sailing boat is like a small enterprise:

You need to have a CEO (the Skipper)
Need of experienced personnel (the Sailors)
Need to have a plan (in this case not a business plan, but tactics)
Need of mutual respect
Need of collaboration
Need of teamwork

We have a definite vision

…to be recognized by all members as well as the University community as the premier Sailing Club, a Club the member of which will be proud to claim membership and which others will aspire to join!

Our mission is not impossible...

  • Start sailing, or continue sailing
  • Participate in various cruising events
  • Compete against the most famous business schools

and the most important,

  • Extend your networks and enhance the bonding among students and alumni of International MBA

And we have plenty to offer to you!

  • Learn how to sail (we collaborate with sailing schools and we get reduced learning fees)
  • Go sailing in various cruising events
  • Participate in International MBA Regattas

Captain for 2015: Cpt. Stavros J. Beis

Please use the registration form to contact us and sail away...!

You can also find us at:

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