08 February 2018

Elections for the 2018-2019 Alumni Board!

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The Board of the AUEB MBA International Alumni Association is glad to announce that the General Elections for the New Board will be held electronically on Friday 2nd of March 2018 from 19:30 to 20:30! The e-voting procedure will take place at Room 105 in the new building facilities of the university located at 2 Troias str., Spetson & Kimolou with the support of AUEB and the use of the reliable platform ZEUS provided by the university.


E-Voting procedure

The e-voting procedure is very simple. Every active member of our Association who has the right to vote will receive prior to the beginning of the Elections via email all the necessary instructions as well as a link that will guide them to vote.

Who has the right to vote?

According to the Alumni Association terms and conditions, only registered and subscribed members are eligible to participate in the Elections. Please bear in mind that if you are not a registered member currently but you plan to get registered in order to be able to vote, you must do so the latest by Tuesday 27th of February 2018 through our webpage.

Want to submit a candidacy for the new Board?

In order to be able to submit your candidacy, you must be:

-          an active member of the Alumni Association (be registered and have an active subscription running)

-          an alumni (not a current student)

For logistics reasons the potential candidates for the board positions are requested to send their names at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the latest until Tuesday 27th of February 2018. You can also state your candidacy in the Facebook event.

It is very important that activations of new subscriptions and candidacies will be accepted until the 27th of February. The e-voting on the 2nd of March will be open for an hour and it will begin as soon as the Election Commission will have completed all the preparations. 


Our participation is very important for the future of our Association!





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