11 February 2016

New Statute, new fees!

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New Fees!

Message from the Board:

Dear Alumni and Current Students,

From the first day of our election to the current Board, we have been commited to the modernization of our Association, to the enhancement of communication between the alumni and to the involvement to our causes of as many alumni and current students as possible.
We took some small but solid steps regarding the external environment of the Association:

  • Monthly informal networking gatherings are now established.
  • State of the Association to inform all the members has been released to all the members.
  • Outside sponsors have been used for our events.

And we also took some huge leaps regarding the internal organization of the Association:

  • New Statute has been voted and established.
  • Professionals (lawyer and accountant) have been hired, so as to ensure that the Association is fulfilling all its legal and financial obligations.

The new Articles of our Association are allowing the Board to decide regarding the fees of our members. Taking into account the Association needs, as well as the requests of our members, starting from January 20th, the following decisions have been made:

  1. New Registration Fees: €10 (previous one was €15).
  2. New Annual Subscription Fees:€20/year for Alumni, €10/year for current students (previous fees were €30/year and €15/year respectively).
  3. All current active members' subscriptions are extended by one year because of their active support to the Association although they were aware of our intention to reduce the fees as soon as the new Statute would be in effect.

Kindly note that our experience those last ten months is showing that €20/year per member is a marginal fee, since the two events organized this year were almost at an even point from a financial point of view (For the Christmas party the Association priced the tickets €25 - at the same price it was charged by the V4 club).
We thank you for your support and we believe that our new policy will attract even more members.

Best regards,

The Board of the,

AUEB MBA International Alumni Association



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